August 11, 2013

missionary mail

Keeping the Sabbath day has always been a tricky thing for me. I try to focus on the Savior and do things that will let the spirit be in my life, but a lot of the times I get caught up in the little things of day to day life and I end the day feeling like I could have done a little bit better. It's not like I go shopping or hang out with friends on Sunday or do homework ... but I just feel a desire to be better. I read something recently that really touched me. It basically said, "Don't leave off what you can do today, for tomorrow." I am a chronic procrastinator ... I always say, next week I will, but I hardly ever accomplish what I set off to do for some other time. So, for a while, I have been wanting to keep the Sabbath day holy better. This week, I decided that I would do it by catching up on my missionary mail.

I've definitely entered a fun stage in my life. A majority of my good church friends are out serving the Lord on a mission for two months. That means that I am now only able to communicate with them through letters for the next two years. Although it is not as convenient as texting and calling and Facebooking, it is so much more fulfilling to know that there will be mail for you every once and a while.

My reliability for sending missionary mail is not always perfect. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for me to respond to letters, but eventually, I will. It is such a quaint and idyllic way to communicate. Writing letters (or epistles as I often refer to them) is so much fun for me! In fact, I mentioned that I love writing letters to multiple boys at Philmont and it became the running joke for the rest of the week (Ahhhh, is INSERT BOY NAME HERE going to be number eight??). I do write a lot of different people -- for many different reasons. I love to get responses, but I also love knowing that maybe my letters make the missionary's week a little brighter. I love writing so many people because I love seeing how the Lord works differently to bring about his work. I love writing so many people because soon enough I'LL BE A MISSIONARY!! AHHH! I hope that people will write me. I also love feeling like I am supporting the USPS in their time of need. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

So, this week I received three beautiful letters from three of my very good friends. I wrote eight letters to some of my friends who just got out on their missions. I am so lucky and grateful to know so many awesome servants of the Lord!

Life is pretty dang good.

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