March 29, 2013

it's conference time!

HOLY CANOLE, blogging world!

I just noticed that every person I know (and their grandma) has been called on a mission in the last six months. It's been six months since Thomas S. Monson lowered the age for missionary service, and it is incredible to see the growth in missionary work! I saw an article that said 1,500 missionaries are entering an MTC somewhere in the world each week. And I can stinkin' believe it! There are three missionaries out from my ward alone (another one on the way!).

Seeing all of my friends get called on missions makes me all the more STOKED to go on my own mission. It kind of drives me nuts that I'm not out already, but I know that time is going to accelerate. Although this scares the heck out of me, I am super excited. I don't really feel prepared, but I'm learning. I've been going out with the Sister Missionaries a lot. Part of that is because the sisters in my ward may be the coolest people I know. But another part is that it is helping me SO much to get some hands on experience. I am so blessed to have sisters in my ward!

On Tuesday this week (I didn't include this experience because I think it would classify as churchy), I was able to drive the Sisters to Springfield for a split and then went out with them later in the day. It was so much fun to randomly pop in at several investigators' doorsteps. I was able to feel of the Spirit so strongly! Because of our visits, two girls my age are going to be attending the YOUNG WOMEN'S BROADCAST (which is TOMORROW, by the way!!!!). I am so excited to see how this experience will influence these girls.

Speaking of the Young Women's broadcast, it is once again my favorite time of year!

Conference time! We had such incredible tickets saved for this year's Sunday session ... unfortunately, I am not going to be able to attend it in person this year. Haha, I say unfortunately, but really, I've been so blessed to attend it for the past two. I just think it's funny that I had to ask Savannah, "What time does conference start ... in Missouri?"

Last October's Conference was LIFECHANGING. You can read about my expereience here. Already, it has affected my life for the better. It is because of that conference that I am preparing kind of diligently to serve a mission. It is because of that conference that I am going to college where I am going. I have been able to gain a real testimony of the power of living Prophets! Thomas S. Monson is inspired of God! I'm pretty stinkin' excited to be able to learn and grow during these next two weeks.

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