February 19, 2013


I watched a little bit of TV today. While watching TV is not really a blog worthy topic in my mind, it was kind of a mind blowing event to me because of a two minute commercial. I can't even remember what it was about, but it had a person driving in a car and the voice over said, "Cars only have a small rear-view mirror to occasionally glance at the road behind the driver." It continued, "Cars have a large windshield in order to allow the driver to look ahead and anticipate the future." I found myself nodding my head at the commercial, silently agreeing with the message without selling my soul for the product. I thought about it as I drove home. I thought about it as drove 45 minutes away to see Katie in her District Choir Concert. Any time I have been in the car since I saw that commercial, I have been reflecting on what it means to have the past and the future before me.

I am a girl that chronically lives in the past. Sometimes, this is a pleasant escape from unpleasant realities (I like daydreaming in some of my least favorite subjects). Other times, when I am exhausted and lonely and afraid for my future, it is a crippling reminder of how better other days have been, which limits my perspective severely. I think that this commercial reiterated a lesson that I almost need on a weekly basis during the dog days of February and March. The future is as bright as our faith. I love the analogy of the windshield because there are so many potential scenarios. Bugs can dirty the windshield and will need to be wiped off at some point in time. Rocks may crack the windshield, calling for a total replacement. Outside circumstances may make it harder to see.

I don't know. This post is just a bit of my musings so that I'll remember this in the future.

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