December 2, 2011

O Holy Night

Reblog from LDS Homeschooling

President Gordon B. Hinckley wrote, ...
“ I wish for each of you a time, perhaps only an hour, spent in silent meditation and quiet reflection on the wonder and the majesty of this, the Son of God. Our joy at this season is because He came into the world. The peace that comes from Him, His infinite love which each of us may feel, and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for that which He freely gave us at so great a cost to himself—these are of the true essence of Christmas.”


This video and quote combined are powerful statements of truth. Christmas is about  Christ. He suffered unbelievable pain for you and I, sinners at best, so that we would be able to eventually return to our Heavenly Father. He died in order to "wipe away all tears from their eyes" so that we could have our a happily ever after. This Christmas season, I am grateful to my brother Jesus Christ for loving me enough to die for me. What a thing to celebrate this season!

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