October 19, 2011

doctor visit today

Ever since I was little, I have had weird lymph nodes that are perpetually swollen.

Usually they do not cause a problem, but I have been noticing lately that they are getting a little larger, especially on my neck after a cold. I have looked up what that could mean, and it could be either an infection in my neck, my body fighting off a cold or the flu, or cancer. YIKES! I'm going to the doctor this morning to check it out, and to get a yearly check-up before we head off to foreign lands. Wish me luck!


Later: I went to the doctor and I was terrified! For the first time EVER I was worried that there was something seriously wrong with my body. I have been tired and achy ever since the beginning of October and my nodes were swelling past what they have for a while.

So we sat for a good fifteen minutes trying to get in to see Dr. Karls. There were some loud and very sick looking people in the waiting area. I didn't really belong there, right?

A kind and sweet friend of my mother who happens to work at St. John's called me to go in, knees buckling and everything. She took my weight and height (I've been growing in both areas!) and then we went into the waiting room. I voiced my concern about my lymph nodes and she wrote it on a little note pad. My vitals were perfect.

Dr. Karls came into the room, and I was ready for a SUPER thorough examination of my lymph nodes. I mean, I could die because of these olive sized bulges coming out of my neck. He felt the back of my neck, and he said, "There doesn't seem to be any swelling there."

And then he reached the front of my neck ...

and said, "Well, it doesn't seem like there's anything dangerous going on with your nodes."

I said, "Really? So it's not like, harmful or *coughcancer* or anything, huh? Reaaaaally?" (Read: SAY WHAAAAT?" I mean, I thought there really was something wrong.

It turns out I do have a chronic illness ... chronic nasal drainage. Apparently, it makes my neck glands swell because of the constant irritation that my over saliva-y throat sends its way.

Crisis avoided. *Phew* In fact, I am totally healthy, according to the doctor. I have a perfectly straight back, a lovely, healthy heart, and clear lungs.

I need to find something else to overly panic about besides my health. I'm beginning to think I am a hypochondriac.

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