August 2, 2011

lovin' me some mindy!

I don't know what I did in this life that qualified me to even begin listening to a certain lovely Mindy Gledhill.

But I am SO glad I did! I guess she's been out there for a while, but I think that Mindy's voice is the first definitive sound I have heard in a while that makes me feel ... nostalgic, happy, ME! I listened to her as I typed out another dozen of my 100 life goals. I listened to her as I cleaned the room. I listened as I crafted, baked, and read.

Her CD is in the mail. I am overjoyed, she get's paid ... it's a lovely thing.


  1. I too, am a big Mindy Gledhill fan! I am glad you love it so much!!

  2. You have super great taste! I was doing some innocent stalking the other day over at your blog and it looks like a TON of the music you like is right up my alley. :)



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