March 18, 2011

weather: rollercoaster style

Other wise known as why I love Missouri. There seems to be a mystery behind every change in the weather, which makes it practically impossible for me to stick with a weather man. Take today for example -- the forecasted temp? 75 degrees ... and it started out that way. As soon as I got the urge to wander aimlessly outside however, the perfect warmth was replaced by a blast of cool air. This spring break is quickly turning into another winter break, which is okay with me, but I will be so ready for the surety of at least warm weather rain or shine.

After a quick trip up to Nauvoo (more later) I am feeling drained. I really can't find the energy to do anything I had planned. The jeans I woke up in are still on and I am sporting a two day straightened pony tail. The contents of my wallet fell out while we were going to the courthouse to pick up our passports and my dad commented that I was, "falling apart." While this was said jokingly, I am starting to feel like it's the truth. Ahhh ... the trials of being a teenager. I wonder if it gets any better ... will I ever feel solid -- no matter how I look? I don't know the answer, but I do know that the shower is calling my name!

And then maybe I'll find the motivation to catch up on cleaning and writing those papers. Wish me luck!

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